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A dispute with a company? Send us your claim in a "click" or take part in one of our collective actions and get success thanks to the support of our specialized lawyers!

The 100% digital collective action


To represent the interests of consumers, providing a solution to their difficulties by means of collective action in order to help them to assert their rights and to facilitate the governance and execution of the procedure on the part of lawyers.



We seek to create a future where legal professionals and consumers, with their connected devices, have all the tools they need to access an innovative legal solution, efficient and accessible leveraging technology and digital communication.

Specialist in online dispute resolution

What is KIKLEGAL ?

Who has never wondered where and how to take part in collective action to resolve their problem?

KIKLEGAL answers this question with its platform to help victims of harm, create or easily find a collective action in which they can participate to resolve their problem.


To achieve this, victims, who have suffered the same harm, come together to take part in collective action through our platform and are represented by the same lawyer which significantly reduces overall costs and at the same time facilitates access to justice.

KIKLEGAL, la solution numérique pour les actions collectives efficaces!
KIKLEGAL, la solution numérique pour les actions collectives.

Strong ambitions

Being alone, facing litigation, having to deal with the high costs of lawyers' fees and justice, means that today justice is out of reach for most complainants who face these difficulties. They end up giving in, so they’re not compensated for the harm.

Our goal is to support consumers and empower businesses and governments by reconciling justice and digital to make collective actions accessible to all those who have suffered the same harm while facilitating governance and execution on the lawyers' side. Claim your rights with KIKLEGAL!

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