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  • LVC drivers - Brussels Mobility
    LVC drivers - Brussels Mobility
    Ms. Nawal Tassa rallies LVC drivers to take action as a group to challenge the waiting time to obtain their license. During this wait, LVC drivers face costs and constraints.
  • Tax on second homes on the Belgian coast - collective action
    Tax on second homes on the Belgian coast - collective action
    Mr Thierry Lauwers brings together the depositors in order to take steps as a group to contest the municipal tax on the grounds that it is illegal.
  • Bit4You - Collective action
    Bit4You - Collective action
    On behalf of the hundreds of depositors he represents, Mr Modrikamen has signed an agreement with the former directors and shareholders of BIT4YOU, enabling depositors to be reimbursed rapidly.
  • CoinLoan  international collective action
    CoinLoan  international collective action
    Mr. Modrikamen, a Belgian leading experienced lawyer in collective actions, is regrouping depositors to undertake collectively and without delay the steps to preserve your rights to obtain the release of the blocked cryptocurrency assets or fiat money. Act quickly to see your rights protected!
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