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LVC drivers - Brussels Mobility
LVC drivers - Brussels Mobility

LVC drivers - Brussels Mobility

Ms. Nawal Tassa rallies LVC drivers to take action as a group to challenge the waiting time to obtain their license. During this wait, LVC drivers face costs and constraints.

Collective action


Collective Action

Case details

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This collective action is represented by ELTA-LEX AVOCATS SRL, a Brussels-based law firm founded by Nawal TASSA.

As we all know, the status of cab drivers and LVC drivers has been modified, with a whole series of obligations now weighing down on drivers. A whole host of obligations and financial burdens weighing down on LVC drivers, even though they can't work because they don't have the license they applied for months ago.

In fact, as if that weren't enough, the waiting time for obtaining a license is unreasonably long, placing an incompressible burden on the shoulders of LVC drivers (Taxi de rue) and making it impossible for them to work. That's what we're denouncing!

During this waiting period, LVC drivers (Taxi de rue) face costs and constraints.

For example,

  • Mandatory technical inspection every 6 months ;
  • Higher road tax ;
  • Higher insurance coverage ;
  • Driving license with expiry date ;
  • The need to purchase a vehicle that complies with standards and cannot be used for service purposes ;
  • ...

As you can see, LVC drivers are suffering greatly from this situation, and we need to react massively to put an end to this abuse of position.

To achieve this, we have two objectives :

  1. Demand immediate processing of LVC license applications that are several months old ;
  2. Allowing compensation.

You need to act fast to ensure your rights are protected. Grouped together, you're obviously stronger, and the cost of joint action is shared by as many people as possible.

And together we will finally make BRUSSELS MOBILITY aware of the unsustainable situation you are facing.

United we stand. Defend your rights and save money! Don't be passive!

To take part in the collective action :

  1. Click on the 'LEARN MORE' button to receive information documents by e-mail.
  2. Send completed documents to
  3. You can then access your lawyer's communications directly online.

Lawyer in charge of this collective action : Ms. Nawal Tassa

Please contact us for further information: - +32 (0)491 32 66 72


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