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Procedures and rules to be followed by participants


1. Privacy 


Respect the privacy of others: It is forbidden to publish telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or postal addresses. The same applies to information about your own or someone else's private life.



2. Your messages

Write a message only if necessary!

Remember that you are responsible for what you write and publish. 

Group moderators don't live with their smartphones in their hands 24 hours a day. It's possible that a message posted at 11 p.m. won't be moderated until the following morning. We apologize in advance. Defamation, insult and obscenity are forbidden. The same applies to violence or incitement to violence, and extremist political statements.



3. Dignity

We will not tolerate humiliation, abuse or any other violation of the dignity of group members. 



4. Violence or intimidation

Intimidating or violent behavior will not be tolerated within the group. If a member threatens to harm a person or property, he/she will be asked to leave the group.

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