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Send us your claim or participate in an effective collective action with the support of our specialized lawyers! The best way to resolve your problem!

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Simple, fast and 100% online
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Follow the evolution online
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A team of specialized lawyers
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A powerful solution

No more problems thanks to collective action!

A group of people facing the same problem having the support of a lawyer is the most effective way to resolve your conflict and get compensation!

A collective action is a class action carried by a lawyer.

Discover your advantages and its effectiveness!

KIKLEGAL, une solution en un clic!
An immediate solution
Your dispute is resolved in just a click! 
So simple that you can easilly follow the progress of your collective action and your lawyers' communications and updates, directly online!
KIKLEGAL, une solution avantageuse qui rend la justice accessible!
An economic procedure
Each member of a collective action pays their own share of legal fees, a real benefit to your wallet! In addition, you are reimbursed if you have legal protection insurance.
KIKLEGAL, une solution percutante et efficace!
A powerful intervention
A collective action is a group of complaints, supported by a lawyer. It is the most simple and effective way to defend your rights as a citizen and consumer. Unity is a power!
Logo KIKLEGAL - Société pour créer et gérer votre class action et action collective
1 KIKLEGAL action collective et class action

Participate in the collective action that corresponds to your problem and receive details from the lawyer responsible for the class action.

Participer à l'action collective KIKLEGAL
Logo KIKLEGAL - Société pour créer et gérer votre class action et action collective
Avantages particpants
Faites valoir vos droits avec KIKLEGAL.
A solution that pays off
Reaching out to other plaintiffs by participating in a collective action is the most effective way to affirm your rights. It is a more accessible solution that often leads to compensation in excess of legal costs.
KIKLEGAL, une solution qui vous permet un suivi complet de votre action collective.
Real-time tracking
No need to call your lawyer. Follow the progress of your collective action online as well as your lawyer’s communications, updates and videoconferences. You are always informed wherever you are.
KIKLEGAL collabore étroitement avec des professionnels du droit.
Professionals in the field
Our platform welcomes the best professionals who aim to defend your rights as well as your interests. In addition, your collective action's group rebalances the power against a large opponent.
KIKLEGAL, un service accessible à tout moment.
An accessible service

You can contact your lawyer at any time, from all your devices, to follow the progress of your collective action, consult the updates and exchange the necessary information while waiting for the verdict!

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