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Claim your rights with ease!

By associating the strength of the group with that of your lawyer.

The digital solution for collective actions!

How much will it cost me?

  • Legal protection insurance? You are reimbursed!*

  • Less than if you took a lawyer alone.

Each participant pays their own share of legal fees, a real benefit to your wallet and making justice easier to access!

The Kiklegal collective action is based on mutualisation and distribution of procedural costs. This allows each participant to take legal action and makes justice more accessible at the same time!

The affordable solution for collective actions!
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Follow the updates online
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A team of specialized lawyers
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A powerful solution

Your share of legal fees

Starting from 5 €


You will receive details of fees and information documents by e-mail.

Support of your lawyer

Accessible justice

Monitoring of your case

Active online communication

*Ask your legal protection insurance company.

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