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What legal action can you take with Kiklegal ?

Updated: May 29, 2023

Action collective et class action KIKLEGAL

KIKLEGAL is the first online platform that allows lawyers, associations and citizens to launch and manage or join 100% online collective actions.

Are you still wondering what actions can be taken?

Legal proceedings must meet only two essential conditions

First, for collective actions to be eligible, they must meet two non-negotiable preconditions:

  • they must be able to become collective, which means that the harm suffered must potentially have been felt by other persons and/or entities.

In other words, it is essential that the person who is harming you has caused other victims.

  • they must be admissible in the courts

Unlike petitions, for example, you must have a personal interest in acting, real and timely, on time, and on a legal basis.

If you are of the opinion that the action you want to launch meets these two essential criteria, the lawyers who are members of the KIKLEGAL network will be responsible for studying all legal issues.

Collective actions that can be launched

via the platform can fall into different domains

The environment, health, discrimination, personal data, consumption. These areas are not listed in a comprehensive and limited way. These are cases where the damage is often collective.

Other areas may be the subject of collective action. This is particularly the case for health, such as collective actions against laboratories and/or pharmaceutical industries seeking compensation for adverse side effects following drug use (ex: the Levothyrox collective action against the Merck laboratory); consumption (planned obsolescence, contracts not respected, etc.); protection of personal data or discrimination at work and any other collective damage.

KIKLEGAL gives you the opportunity to stop fighting alone. An illegal or abusive practice? Create or participate in a collective action that will be joined by the other victims, and be all together defended by a committed lawyer and specilist of the domain.

It’s up to you!

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